This 18-Year-Old Cat Was Dropped At A Shelter, With Only A Sad Note.

Tori, an 18-year-old cat was found outside of the Kershaw County Humane Society in a crate, with a note attached. The note says Tori doesn’t use the litterbox, and that her owner has a newborn, and can’t take care of Tori anymore. The staff were determined to find her a home. “She is very sweet and just like every other animal in this shelter we will do everything we can to help her. But being a shelter we can only do so much. We are hopeful that someone will step up to help this baby,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

“After taking her to the vet and getting 3 embedded toe nails out of her paw she seems to be feeling much better! The nails had grown for so long that they had curled back into her paw pad.”