Wife Fell Into Deep Depression After Miscarriage, Until They Adopted A Kitten

Imgur user mraeronautic found healing, in the form of a kitten, Callie.

The husband wrote that after his wife miscarried two months ago, she fell into a depression. He said that nothing worked to make her feel better.

“I saw that a shelter in another town had brought this little girl in after her mother was killed,” he wrote on Imgur. “Her face and her eyes just brought a calmness over me and I thought she might make my wife feel the same.”

He didn’t bring her home in a carrier, so she spent the ride in his lap!

“She and Callie bonded immediately,” he wrote. “Callie is constantly snuggled up to her momma and sleeps tucked up to her stomach at night.”

“We have had her for 5 days now and I haven’t seen my wife this happy in a long time,” he said.