Kitten That Was Found Hanging On To Life By A Thread, Couldn’t Stop Hugging

In 2014, a couple found a surprise at their apartment. “It was back in December 2014 in Belarus. When we were back home at the apartment, we found a tiny kitten in a box,” the soon-to-be cat-mom told Love Meow.
The tuxedo kitten weren’t open, and he couldn’t eat or drink. They were told he couldn’t make it, but they named him Pusic.
“On day 7, a miracle happened. The kitty started to eat and recover,” his humans told Love Meow.
“I saw a new world through his eyes. He is so happy to be living in a home,” they said in the story.

My eyes were sick. Mild opened. Not through them I was interesting to look at the world

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Source : Instagram / Youtube / Lovemeow