Kitten Drastically Changes After 5 Days, And An Eye Surgery

They removed the ‘cake’ and revealed lots of puss. “Then the vet had a go – first flushing the dry mass and then using a thin tweezer gently pulling off the mass in little pieces.”

“The day after the state of her eyes looked more promising and she was eating well.”

She was recovereing well, and was named Cookie.

“She is utterly enchanting and has us going goofy over who gets to cuddle her (she likes falling asleep in a safe pair of arms or tucked around a warm neck),” Bowell said.

“She eats, sleeps, uses her litter tray (she’s such a clever girl!) and creates in us waves of giggles when she plays and makes levitational 180 degree leaps in the air.”

“This remarkable progress surprises even me. I seriously did not know what to expect when I first found her,” Bowell said.




save-kittens-eyes7“She regained full eyesight in both eyes within three weeks and now has the most beautiful eyes!”

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Source : Facebook / Lovemeow