Kitten Was Rejected Because She Was Teeny, But That Didn’t Stop Her From Finding A Lovely Home

Winifred the micro kitten was born at half the size of a normal kitten, but never gave up.

After she was born, her and her brother were rejected by their mother, because she didn’t think they would survive. Winifred was a mere 1.3 ounces.

“Due to their size and fragility, I was asked to take the two on since all of my neonate work is with the highly complicated cases, I also have an incubator as well,” Ellen Carozza LVT told Love Meow.

After two weeks of feeding a care, she got the weight of a normal kitten. Sadly, her brother didn’t make it. “He passed two days later suddenly in his sleep, which is common for kittens of this size.”

At 19 days old, she was the size of a one week old kitten. “She is starting to interact more, be affectionate, purrs, and can see and hear fully now!”

“We treated her like the tiny precious gem she is and Benny doted on her the day she came home,” Ellen told Love Meow.