Soldier Rescued Special Needs Kitten, And Miraculously Brought Her Back To The States

She also did some research, and found Felix probably had Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). It affects the area of the brain that controls fine motor skills, affected kitties can’t make fluid motions. However, one day, the mama didn’t show up. She had a friend build a cat house to keep Felix safe. She knew she had to take Felix back to the states, and found an American woman nearby that did animal rescue work. Pam Constable agreed, and took care of her for the next six months. In 2009, they were ready to fly to the US. Bouldin drove 5 hours to Virginia to pick Felix up. Now, Felix lives with Bouldin and her husband. Share this touching story on Facebook!


special-needs-kitten5Source : People / Iheartcats